Friday, June 3, 2011

Canada Post Strike

Canada Post is currently having rotating strikes, affecting different cities every few days. Unfortunately, if their demands aren't met, they are planning a country-wide strike. I am unwilling to ship at all during the strike, for fear that my packages would be stranded in a warehouse somewhere-that seems like the perfect time for items to get lost.

Unfortunately I am not close enough to the border to cross it and ship from the US, and all of the alternatives I've investigated (UPS, FedEx, etc) are prohibitively expensive. That being said, if you urgently need the beads and are willing to cover the extra costs involved, I could certainly send them via a different method.

My shop will remain open during the strike, and I will continue to list new items. I understand that people would most likely be unwilling to purchase items with no clear idea of when they will receive them, so if you see something you like I can reserve it for you, and you can purchase it when the strike is over.