Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Years, Resolutions, and Beads

I think I do this every year, but I resolve to be better at listing beads regularly, and posting on this blog. I have finally recovered from the craziness of the holidays (and our whirlwind trip to BC to visit my family) and am starting to get into some kind of routine with listing beads. To that end, I just put some beads up on Justbeads!

So, what are these resolutions? Well, I'm going to try to put beads on Justbeads every Thursday. (Why Thursday? I don't know! It's just what I arbitrarily picked when I first started listing beads, and it has become Bead Day at Casa de Erica.) And (more problematic) I'll be trying to put beads up at Etsy most days, like four days of the week. I am still pondering a return to eBay, but I'm not there yet. And unfortunately my website lies fallow-must work on that as well.